Change, it’s one of those facets of life that are so inevitable yet can be so difficult for us to accept and move through. Steven Furtick, one of my favourite speakers, spoke to the idea of change being instant, but the transition that follows is something that takes time. It requires patience. 

In this transition phase, we are not where we used to be, but we are also not where we would like to be, so we perceive that we are stuck in the middle. An in the middle of it all, it can feel confusing, frustrating, uncertain and uncomfortable. But this transition is a crucial part of our journey, that allows us to be shaped and moulded into the person that is ready for the next level of life.

Can we consider that everything that happens in life happens in divine timing? If we try to rush this process and receive our blessings too soon, we might lose it or suffer it. This new space demands more of us, therefore our mental, physical or emotional state can crumble under the pressure if the foundations are not there. 

If we are bringing haste to our transition, we are likely clinging too tight to an outcome or end goal. We might be thinking “ahhh this is where I might find happiness, peace and success”. But everything that you are experiencing right now is precisely what you need. Every challenge that you are navigating, every resistance, every hesitation, every moment of frustration is required as a stepping stone toward the space you desire to be in.

Each time you feel like you are taking five steps back, remember that this is just not true. You can’t go back to where you started because you know too much now. You’ve acquired too many tools and have had too many experiences. Too much has happened for you ever to go back. This might be familiar territory; however, you are now peeling back a deeper level of healing because you are now ready for this depth of healing. 

I want to invite you to steer your focus away from the resistance and bring yourself into this present moment. Do this to encounter a level of appreciation and gratitude for where you are today. This moment will never happen again; this moment is perfect; this moment is divinely guided. You are supported by God, by the Universe, by your ancestors. You have a team of souls that are fiercely supporting and protecting you along your journey.

You are here to fulfil your purpose; this purpose contributes to the evolution, growth and expansion of you, your community, your nation and the world. It’s okay if you are unsure what this means; so long as you connect to your spirit, your gut, your intuition, whatever you might call it, you are well on your way to learning this.

There will always be a time to let go, a time to surrender, a crumbling of walls…change.

It is necessary. 

It is a part of the natural cycles and rhythms of life. They keep our world and harmony.

Acknowledge that you dare to take on this challenge, you hold the bravery to step into the unknown, and the determination to walk the less travelled path. 

Keep going; you are on the right track; change is inevitable, transition takes time. Slowly but surely, you are stepping into your power. 


~ Ari